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The purpose of these extensions is to make the use of Vim easier, especially for programming tasks, while preserving the extraordinary features of Vim, which make it (imho) one of the best editors available.

The main part, and probably of most interest for you, is the possibility to enter folds. Entering a fold means to hide everything apart from the fold, so that only the fold you have entered is visible. Thus, you will be able to organise your files much better, and to find and edit certain parts of your files much easier and faster. Especially for long source code files, this is very useful.

There are also a lot of other features, please check out the help on that by typing

:help kent

after installation.

Note: These extensions are tested for Vim version 6.1 onwards. No guarantees for lower versions!

There are the following parts:

Kent Folding Extensions
Extensions to improve the look and feel of folds.
Especially the possibility to enter folds, inspired by the old origami editor, is very useful.
Improvements to the Look and Feel of Vim and GVim
The purpose is to make it easier to use Vim, especially for users without a lot of Vim experience.
Kent Programming Extensions
Extensions useful for programming tasks.
For example commenting out parts of the code depending on the language.
Kent occam Extensions
Extensions related to the occam language.
Contains syntax and indent files for occam, as well as an easy way to compile, debug and run occam programs.


If you haven't got Vim itself yet, download it from and install it in the normal way.

Then download the runtime files (either in tar.gz or zip format) and put them in your Vim runtime directory (usually ~/.vim under Unix or C:\Program Files\vim\vimfiles under Windows).

If you are a Unix user, download the Unix resource files, and put them in your home directory.

If you are a Windows user, download the Windows resource files, and put them in your Vim folder (usually C:\Program Files\vim).

Getting Started

Once all files are in the correct place, start Vim and get familiar with the new features by typing

:help kent

and pressing <Enter>.

If you have problems or discover bugs, please send me an e-mail at

Change Log

24 May 2003syntax/occam.vim Updated occam pre-processing features and fixed some bugs.
23 May 2003filetype.vim Added various file types.
23 May 2003kent-programming.vim Added various comment markers to GetComment().
23 May 2003doc/occam.txt Removed minor error with occam operators.
07 May 2003syntax/occam.vim Fixed OccamSpecialChar bug.
23 Apr 2003kent-programming.vim Added comment markers for Perl to GetComment().
23 Apr 2003All files •  Renamed package to Kent Vim Extensions.
•  Updated e-mail addresses.
16 Jan 2003.vimrc
Fixed 'missing swapfile directory' bug.
14 Nov 2002ukc-folding.vim •  Fixed 'restore cursor position when fold opened instead of entered' bug in <SID>EnterFold().
•  Fixed 'describe commented fold' ambiguity in <SID>DescribeFold().
30 Oct 2002ukc-folding.vim Fixed 'wrong position when foldstart line missing' bug in <SID>GetFoldContext().
26 Oct 2002 ukc-folding.vim
•  Extended origami mode.
•  Changed mapping for Toggleshowfoldlevel.
•  Added Toggleexpandemptyfoldtext.
•  Added mappings for Add and Subtract.
•  Added various comment markers to GetComment().
•  Added Toggleshowcomments.
•  Fixed 'space in path' bug in <SID>KrocCompile() and <SID>RunOccamProgram().
•  Updated occam compiler directives.
•  Updated nirvana colour scheme.
16 Oct 2002 ukc-folding.vim
Added origami mode.
28 Sept 2002ukc-folding.vim Fixed 'yank and put' bug. - Thanks Paul!
19 Sept 2002ukc-occam.vim
Added support for .so libraries.
15 Sept 2002indent/occam.vim Fixed PROC indent bug.
15 Sept 2002ukc-folding.vim Fixed autocmd bug for unloading folds.
15 Sept 2002ukc-occam.vim Fixed 'changing directory' bug in <SID>RunOccamProgram().

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